Collection: Esteban Martín

Catalonia, Spain

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Bodegas Esteban Martín was founded in 2003 by Miguel Antonio Esteban and Asuncíon Martín. The 400-hectare winery is located in Zaragoza at the foot of the Sierra de Algairen mountains. Family and sustainability are at the heart of the family’s winemaking philosophy. Thirty percent of their vineyards are dedicated to organic grapes and all of their wines are vegan certified. Their estate is located in the Cariñena Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) region, whose wines have aptly earned the nickname Vino de las Piedras, or ‘Wine of Stones.’ These wines have great character and flavour thanks to the region’s rocky terrain, extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the year, and prevailing northerly wind, known locally as the ‘cierzo’.