Promoting sustainability while supplying clients with premium wines has always been central to Gerrard Seel’s ethos. Our growers are largely family-owned estates that focus on cultivation methods that ensure the fecundity of vineyards for generations to come. Naturally, these winemakers strive to lower energy consumption, adopt sustainable land management practices, and minimise additives and chemical usage.

Our efforts to promote sustainability in the wine industry have only strengthened through our partnership with Honest Grapes, who have been awarded numerous sustainability awards from The Drinks Business and Decanter. In line with Honest Grapes’ best practices, we have eliminated plastic from all of our repackaging, and always strive to use 100% recycled and recyclable packaging -- even our tape is plastic-free! More than 70% of our product range is imported directly, and we consciously schedule deliveries around weather and optimum routes to reduce transport costs and reduce our carbon footprint. This ensures that we offer our clients the best wines while doing what is best for the planet.

We are always seeking to educate others about best-practices for promoting environmental, economic, and community sustainability in the wine industry. We have built personal relationships with each of our producers, conducting regular supplier audits to help them learn about new strategies and improve upon existing sustainability practices. This year, we are proud to partner with KeyKegs to offer our premium wines in a more sustainable and cost-effective package. KeyKegs are light- weight and stackable, making transport more efficient. They reduce waste by offering maximum shelf life for by the glass pours and are even circularly recyclable. If you are interested in learning how we can help you make your wine list more sustainable, get in touch!

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