Our Wine Selection

We work directly with winemakers around the world to bring well-selected, affordable and food-friendly wines that are perfect for restaurants and hospitality in the North. Our strong heritage and connections in Burgundy, Italy, Bordeaux & Champagne mean you won’t find better wines from these regions anywhere else. Together with extensive knowledge of other wine regions, our aim is to be the on-trade destination for buying wine in the North West.

Since Gerrard Seel became part of Honest Grapes we’ve introduced 48 new exciting producers to the range, with 7 more to come in the first quarter of 2024 – that’s 163 in total. We offer a core list of reliable benchmark wines, each of which provide quality, approachability, value and good margins for our hospitality clients. Our mid-range wines provide upsell opportunities and regional excellence. Our newly introduced Fine Wine List offers a curated selection of the best wines available from key wine regions, with a focus on France and Italy alongside some attractive highlights from other countries.

We are always keeping our eyes peeled for new growers and wines. That means our portfolio is always changing, whether that’s renewing our selection of Champagne or discovering a new region.

We also love hearing your feedback too, so if there is a particular area or style you want to see more of, please let us know.


Wine Designations Explained

Sustainable wines are produced with the aim of minimizing environmental impact, supporting social responsibility, maintaining economic feasibility, while maintaining the high-quality of the product.

  • Organic wines are made from organic grapes without artificial chemical fertilisers or pesticides.
  • Biodynamic wines are produced according to the natural rhythms of the Earth. The growing processes are designated according to moon cycles and the principles of Rudolph Steiner, a scientist and philosophy who championed the biodynamic approach.
  • Natural wines are produced with zero or minimal intervention from the wine maker. These wines typically avoid the use of sulphites and additional additives.
  • Vegetarian/Vegan wines are clarified using exclusively mineral agents, rather than the animal or dairy products that are sometimes used at the end of the wine making process.