Collection: Domaine Horgelus

South West, France

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Located on the sunny hillsides of Gascony, Domaine Horgelus was founded in 1978 by Joesepf Le Menn. Today, the estate is run by his son, Yoan Le Menn. Yoan is part of a generation of young winemakers who instinctively understand how to combine the traditional and the modern facets of the craft. Dedicated to preserving the fresh, fruity aromas of his wines, Yoan prevents any oxidation during vinification by harvesting grapes only in the cool of the early morning and by retaining the carbon dioxide generated during the alcoholic fermentation to protect the newly pressed juice.

While Gascony has been traditionally renowned for its Armagnac, it has since gained recognition for its consistent production of fresh and aromatic whites. Today, many are also attracted to and surprised by the quality of the area’s red and rosé wines.