Collection: Domaine des Deux Moulins

Loire, France

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Founded in 1989 by winemaker Daniel Macault, Domaine des Deux Moulins is a 72-hectare vineyard located in the Loire Valley near Angers and the River Aubance. Its name is inspired by the two mills that stand alongside the vineyards. Since the beginning, Daniel has been promoting sustainability. The estate stopped using chemicals in 2016 and two years later planted their first Agroforestry plot, interspersing southern grape varietals with fruit trees to fight the effects of climate change. In 2021, the estate produced its first organic vintage after earning its official AB certified status. Domaine des Deux Moulins wines utilize native grape varietals like Grolleau, Cabernet Franc, and Chenin Blanc that thrive in the schist soil and benefit from the influence of the nearby river, encapsulating the Loire terroir.