Collection: Darling Cellars

Darling, South Africa

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Situated in the picturesque Darling area, Darling Cellars has emerged as a gem within the Western Cape’s wine-producing regions. The vineyards at Darling Cellars span a wide age range, from 1 to 50 years. From forming bush vines to annual pruning and harvesting, meticulous care goes into each vineyard block. Approximately 95% of their 1300 hectares of vineyards are in a “bush vine” format, with about the same percentage remaining unirrigated. Bush vines self-regulate their yield, which is invaluable in an area with limited water resources. In dry years, it produces fewer bunches, while in wetter years, it carries more, aiding fruit concentration and balance. Its deep-rooted system is well-suited to the lower clay content in Darling’s soils, ensuring access to water and essential nutrients. While labor-intensive, the advantages of bush vines, bunch selection and gentle grape handling, outweigh the additional costs while hand-picking ensures only the highest quality grapes are used in production.