Collection: Trentham Estate

Murrary Darling, Australia

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The Murphy family arrived in Australia in 1909 after immigrating from Ireland. They opened Trentham Estate in 1988 on the banks of the Murray River at the Trentham Cliffs, just outside Mildura. The operation has grown from its initial 30 tonne crush to handling up to five thousand tonnes of top-quality grapes each vintage. Their minimal but state-of-the-art facility provides them with the flexibility to experiment with different winemaking styles, resulting in diverse but consistent single varietal wines. Brothers Anthony and Patrick have a passion for exploring lesser-known grape varieties that can thrive in the Mediterranean-like climate of the Murray Darling Region.

The family sources high-quality fruit from a number of local growers. They ensure that the grapes are transported from the vineyard to Trentham Estate as soon as harvesting is complete, enabling the fruit to be loaded into the crusher within hours to ensure the preservation of maximum flavour and character. In addition to their Trentham Estate line, the winery also produces the Murphy Vineyards line for which all the grapes are selected from their own vineyards. These wines maintain the fruit-forward style Trentham Estate is known for, showing ripe fruit aromas and soft, rich palates.