Collection: Pol Couronne

Champagne, France

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The team behind our “House Champagne”, Pol Couronne is one of the most enduring popular growers on our list that have been delighting Club Members for years with their superb NV.

Pol Auguste Couronne, born in Hautvillers in 1862, founded the Pol Couronne Champagne House in 1887. He dedicated himself to extensive research on vine growing in Champagne, aiming to transmit his own philosophy through his wines. In recognition of his perseverance, Pol Auguste Couronne was awarded the cross of knight of agricultural merit in 1921.

Today, Jean Baptise Prevost carries on the legacy of Pol Couronne, upholding the same spirit and respect for nature, sustainable viticulture, and traditional know-how. We had the pleasure of starting our friendship with Jean Baptise Prevost in 2015, their wines quickly became a favourite at Honest Grapes.

Pol Couronne Champagne House, established in 1887, has been committed to sustainable vineyard practices and traditional winemaking techniques for over a century. They embrace the complexity of assemblage, carefully blending grapes from different vineyards across the Champagne region to showcase the unique character of each varietal. The family’s vineyards are managed using sustainable agriculture, with some principles of biodynamics also followed.

The Champenois terroir, influenced by both oceanic and continental climates, is known for its distinct identity shaped by specific soils and grape varieties. Pol Couronne strives to capture this complexity in their wines, meticulously selecting quality grape varieties to best represent the region. For instance, the Chardonnay grapes from the sandy-clay soils of Avize contribute a special minerality, adding freshness and linearity to their wines.

The whole range is superb, although the NV holds a special place in our hearts, having been Honest Grapes’ house Champagne for a very long time indeed!