Collection: Le Contesse

Veneto, Italy

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For Loris Bonotto, the owner of Le Contesse, talking about his winery isn’t just a conversation; it’s the story of his life. Born into a family of farmers in San Polo di Piave, he inherited a rich agricultural heritage. In 1976, Loris embarked on a journey with his wife, Luigina, to create their own wine estate. They began by planting Glera vines using the traditional Bellussera method. A handful of these vines have been lovingly preserved, serving as a living connection to their history and testament to their enduring commitment. Over the years, Loris Bonotto has transformed Le Contesse into one of Italy’s most renowned wineries, and their vineyard holdings now span more than 200 hectares, with 70 of these hectares certified as organic.

The Bonotto family constantly invests in new innovations and techniques in order to maintain the highest quality standards. They keep must in tanks at near zero degrees until the start of production, meaning their sparkling wines can be crafted year-round without compromising the freshness or vivacity of the product.