Collection: Ernie Els

Stellenbosch, South Africa

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Through his illustrious golf career, Ernie Els has been a great ambassador for South Africa. When he established Ernie Els Wines in 1999, he aspired to create world-class wines that would stand alongside the finest bottles he had encountered during his travels while representing the beauty of his homeland to the world. The same focus, discipline, and commitment Ernie shows on the golf course have become the cornerstones of his winemaking.

Ernie chose the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain in the heart of Stellenbosch as the perfect location to establish his winery and vineyards. Louis Strydom has been the driving force behind crafting these exceptional wines since the inaugural vintage in 2000. Renowned as one of the Cape’s finest winemakers, Louis brings his expertise to bear on every bottle, conveying Ernie’s deep appreciation for Bordeaux wines through the choice of grape varieties while still showcasing the terroir and character of the region.