Collection: Didier Desvignes, Domaine du Calvaire de Roche-Gres

Burgundy, France

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This Beaujolais estate is the property of the aptly named Desvignes ("of the vines") family. Given the historic local tradition of assigning surnames according to the head of a family’s profession, it is safe to assume that the Desvignes have been practising their craft for quite some time. In fact, as a result of his genealogical research and his examination of local trade records, Didier Desvignes discovered that he represents the eleventh generation of winemakers in his family. Didier’s passion for Gamay manifested itself at an early age, when his father caught him pruning vines at the age of eleven. Around the same time, during family tastings, Didier continually impressed his elders by discerning aromas in different bottlings and vintages of the estate’s production. Finally, when Didier was still a teenager, his father decided to challenge him to direct the vinification of the latest harvest; needless to say he was very successful, and the family has had its current head winemaker ever since.

In 1981, Didier Desvignes bought his first parcel of land in Morgon and named it Domaine du Calvaire de Roche-Grès in honour of the century-old menhirs representing thirteen stations of the cross that he found there amongst the vines. Didier’s deep attachment to his vines is what drives him to vinify each plot and single vineyard of his domaine separately, so as to best express the singularities and nuances of the various terroirs. In a region often plagued by high yields and mass production, the wines of Didier Desvignes stand out for their concentration, finesse and generosity, the result of an unbreakable bond between a family and its land.

Today, Didier Desvignes meticulously cares for his vineyards and makes wines from across the region, including five of the Beaujolais Crus.