Collection: Château Viranel

Languedoc, France

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Château Viranel is situated in the foothills of the Massif Central in Languedoc- Roussillon, overlooking the Valley of the Orb, at the heart of the Saint-Chinian appellation. The southern exposure of Château Viranel’s vineyards provides the property with a unique microclimate and ensures their vines receive the maximum amount of sunlight.

The white wines of Château Viranel are true gems, and the Viognier is a star of their collection. It exudes remarkable freshness and aromatic intensity. Château Viranel crafts white wines that are both vibrant and elegant, steering clear of the heavy styles that sometimes dominate the scene. For their reds, Château Viranel employs a unique technique known as délèstages (rack and return). Instead of merely pumping the fermenting juice over the cap of grape solids, they empty the vat of all juice and then return all of the must over the cap. This approach fully breaks up the cap, ensuring maximum extraction not only of colour but also of soft tannins and flavours.