Collection: Celler Alimara

Catalonia, Spain

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Celler Alimara is owned and run by husband and wife duo Andy & Ali McLeod, however the winery is a true family affair. The estate was actually discovered by their son Rob and his partner Elena who were excited by the potential of Terra Alta’s wine. The name “Alimara,” meaning “beacon” in Catalan, symbolises the McLeod family’s desire to bring attention to emerging quality and diversity of wines from this region. Just as fire beacons were used to swiftly transmit signals between towns and populations, the family wants Celler Alimara to act as a beacon, carrying a message of Terra Alta’s growing reputation to the rest of the world. “Llumí,” meaning “match,” represents the spark that ignites the flames, while “El Senyal,” meaning “signal,” represents their message.