Collection: Piancornello

Tuscany, Italy

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The Pieri Family’s journey at Piancornello began in 1950 when they acquired the estate vineyard. For decades, they supplied other renowned Montalcino producers with their fruit. In 1991, the world had its first taste of the Pieri family’s wines, sold under their own label. Today, the family proudly tends to certified organic vineyards on the south-facing slopes of the Sesta zone. These vineyards, perched between 200-250 meters above sea level, are comprised of carefully selected Sangiovese clones. These clones are not only low-yielding but also resilient, standing firm in the face of drought and the sweltering embrace of summer. “Pian”, in the winery’s name, is a nod to the vineyard’s location—a hamlet embraced by rocky, volcanic soil. This sun-drenched, southwestern corner of Montalcino yields full-bodied wines infused with a distinct mineral essence due to its unique terroir.