Collection: Paul Cluver

Elgin, South Africa

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The story of Paul Clüver Family Wines takes us back to 1896 when the Clüver family’s farming journey began on the De Rust farm in Elgin, South Africa. The Clüver family has been the proud custodian of the De Rust farm in Elgin since 1896, which spans 2,200 hectares. Initially, wines from these first Elgin vineyards were made at the Nederburg Estate in Paarl, with Paul Clüver releasing its maiden wine, a Riesling, in 1990. In 1996, Paul Clüver Family Wines built its own cellar, and Andries Burger assumed the role of head winemaker, which he retains to this day.

The estate’s elevated vineyards, hardy shale soils, and consistently cool temperatures in the Elgin region — the coolest of all wine regions in South Africa — provide the ideal conditions for growing and nurturing vines. This unique terroir allows the vines to reach a state of robustness required to produce grapes with exceptional character, fresh acidity, balanced chemistries, and, above all, suitability for crafting fine wines that authentically express the character of the terroir. The family’s focus is on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and the Paul Clüver name has become synonymous with excellence in these two grape varieties, both locally and internationally.