Collection: La Delizia

Veneto, Italy

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Established in 1931 as Cantina Sociale Cooperativa Destra Tagliamento, the company now known as Viticoltori Friulani La Delizia is the largest wine- making facility of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. They work with over 500 wine growers and some 2000 hectares of vineyards across the Friuli Grave and Prosecco appellations. Beyond their commitment to crafting highly enjoyable wines, Vini La Delizia actively participates in preserving the region’s rich wine heritage. In collaboration with leading research institutes and centers, they cultivate over 100 hectares of vineyards planted with indigenous grape varieties of Friuli.

The Friulvini Prosecco Extra Dry was created by Vini La Delizia especially for Gerrard Seel clients. The Glera (Prosecco) grapes were fermented at 16°C to capture all of the fresh, fruity nuances of this grape variety. The fermentation was done by the Charmat method in stainless steel tanks for around 40 days, creating a very fine bead and elegant Prosecco. The Vignal Prosecco Extra Dry is slightly fruitier than your typical bone-dry Prosecco and is not only is not only great to drink on its own but also works great as an essential component of a Bellini or other sparkling cocktail.