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Champagne, France

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Krug is a small house that carries a massive reputation. Arguably setting the standard for luxury and quality with their non-vintage Grande Cuvée, standards are always sky high. Key to the Krug style is the vinification in 205-litre oak barrels along with their access to an unrivalled library of reserve wines, made from fruit grown in almost entirely grand cru sites, including some of Champagne’s most revered vineyards in Aÿ, Le Mesnil and Trépail.

Krug Grande Cuvée 171ème Édition Is a blend of 131 wines, no less, hailing from 12 different years, of which the youngest is from 2015, whilst the oldest dates back to 2000. The final blend has been aged for seven years, in the Krug cellars, resulting in its distinct expression and world-revered character.

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