Collection: Dominio de Eguren

Rioja, Spain

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Dominio De Eguren is part of the Eguren family’s operation based in Rioja but, unlike their Sierra Cantabria labels, it makes wines from grapes grown in other regions of Spain. The Dominio De Eguren wines are made with the same skill and concern for the highest quality as their impressive Sierra Cantabria, Señorío De San Vicente, Viñedos De Páganos and Teso La Monja wines with the advantage of offering outstanding value for money. Most of the grapes for these Dominio De Eguren wines come from the family's own vineyards, but some grapes are grown under contract to supply the quantity of wine required. Although these wines are labelled under the local appellation rather than anything grander, they are all proof that good wine needn't have a hefty price tag.