Collection: Domaine Yves Leccia

Corsica, France

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Born into a lineage of winegrowers, Yves Leccia embraced his heritage, earning his oenology diploma in 1980. Amidst the allure of global opportunities, Yves made the decision to return to Corsica, the Island of Beauty. With determination, he channeled his energy into both the family estate and the Corsican wine industry’s revival.

As a son, grandson, and great-grandson of winegrowers, Yves Leccia’s connection to the land runs deep, and he carries forward a legacy of passion and dedication. Over the last 40 years Yves has crafted a range of single vineyard wines in the schist clay limestone terroirs of Patrimonio with exceptional results. While the team does not use any oak in the cellar, they produce serious wines, loaded with terroir-driven character and all certified organic.