Collection: Domaine Vrignaud

Burgundy, France

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Domaine Vrignaud, nestled amidst the vine-covered slopes near Fontenay- près-Chablis, their interpretation of Chablis is a passionate pursuit of terroir- driven excellence!

Their journey begins with a profound respect for tradition. It’s a journey through time, with deep-rooted family ties to this celebrated winemaking region. In 1955, André Vrignaud embraced the legacy passed down by his ancestors, shouldering the responsibility of this vineyard. In 1991, André’s son, Denis, continued this family tradition. And now, the reins have been passed to Denis’s son, Guillaume, the latest torchbearer of the Vrignaud heritage.

The heart of Domaine Vrignaud sprawls across 29 hectares, the vineyards are an intricate patchwork, a mosaic of unique plots graced by the Kimmeridgian and Portlandian strata. Each parcel has its own identity, shaped by the soil, the climate, and the meticulous care lavished upon the vines.

While tradition guides their winemaking philosophy, Domaine Vrignaud isn’t anchored in the past. Cutting-edge technology plays its part in preserving the purity of the fruit. The grapes are gently pressed in pneumatic presses, and fermentation temperatures are diligently controlled. Here, the vineyard is an ecosystem. Organic farming thrives, and biodiversity reigns, respecting the land and environment.