Collection: Domaine Nadine Ferrand

Burgundy, France

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Nadine Ferrand has been leading the way at Domaine Ferrand in Mâconnais since 1984. Despite lacking prior experience in vineyards and winemaking, Nadine fearlessly embarked on a journey of learning, enrolling in various training courses to acquire the essential skills of the trade. With determination and ambition, she has transformed the estate into an award-winning winery spanning 11.5 hectares, dedicated to sustainable production. In 2012, Nadine’s daughter joined her, forming a formidable duo that completed a one-million- euro renovation of the property in 2018, including the construction of a modern tasting room.

From their Macon Blanc to their prestigious cuvées, each wine displayed a vibrant acidity beautifully balanced by ripe fruit flavours, all offered at an incredibly enticing price point.

Despite a limited annual production of 70,000 bottles, the estate has garnered international recognition, exporting its wines to over 10 countries worldwide. This passionate and ambitious mother-daughter team continues to innovate while staying true to their family philosophy: “The Chardonnay, expressing itself with a feminine touch.”