Collection: Domaine Fontanel

Languedoc, France

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This exceptional domaine based in Tautavel in the foothills of the Pyrenees is making superb wines in all styles. Winemaking at the domaine can be traced back for 6 generations but now, under the careful management of Elodie and Matthieu Collet, the wines are perhaps the finest of the Maury appellation.

There are currently just 20 hectares in production which although is not organic, is not so far from it. No weed-killers or fertilizers are used and chemicals in general are kept to a bare minimum.

Elodie and Matthieu have only been responsible for the vineyards and wines since 2017 but the signs for the future are first class.

This is Catalan country and the soils are heavy with schist in parts and with clay limestone in others. These can both produce wines of great smoothness that have mellow tannins and in terms of the schistous soils, great freshness thanks to the lively acidity.

The Grenache Noir grape is king here for all of the red wines and occasionally Syrah is added to the dry wines to give added depth and complexity. The area is also known for sweet white wines based on the Muscat grape (aux petits grains) that make wines suitable for many pleasures!