Collection: Ciabot Berton

Piedmonte, Italy

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Ciabot Berton is a winery with deep roots in La Morra, a commune in the Province of Cuneo in Piedmont. The Oberto family traces their connection to the land back to at least 1200 when the Obertus name first appeared in La Morra’s land register. By the late 1950s, Luigi Oberto and his father, Giovenale, were tending 2 hectares of Nebbiolo vines on the slopes of Bricco San Biagio. It was then that the Oberto family made the pivotal decision to build their own winery instead of selling grapes to others. Today, Ciabot Berton’s vineyards span 12 hectares, thanks to Luigi’s strategic vineyard acquisitions and his wife, Maria Beatrice, inheriting land in the historic Roggeri cru. Wine production is overseen by Luigi’s children, Marco, an oenologist, and Paola, an agronomist, who have brought the vineyard to new heights. The Oberto siblings craft each wine with fruit from specially selected vineyard parcels.

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