Collection: Château Malescot St Exupery

Bordeaux, France

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Château Malescot-St-Exupéry is a 3ème Cru Classé Margaux property. It takes its name from two of its previous owners: Master Simon Malescot, an adviser to the French monarch Louis XIV for the Bordeaux Parliament, who purchased the property in 1697 and gave it his name, as well as Count Jean-Baptiste de Saint-Exupéry, great-grandfather of the French aviator and author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who added his name into the estate when he acquired it in 1827.

Since 1955, the Zuger family has owned and managed Château Malescot- St-Exupéry. Currently leading the operation is Jean-Luc Zuger who views himself and his family as the custodians of the estate; “Nothing actually belongs to us. We have everything on loan and it’s up to us to keep the story going, learning what we need to hand the property down. For three generations, we have contributed to leaving our modest mark, true to the spirit of the estate, and to promoting the quality of these wines every year.”