Collection: Château Caronne

Bordeaux, France

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The vineyards of Caronne Ste Gemme are located in the central Médoc, near Saint-Laurent-Médoc, not very far from Château Camensac, Château Belgrave and Château La Tour Carnet to the north, or from Château Lanessan to the east. The estate derives its name from Carona, a nearby spring, with Sainte Gemme being a derivative of St James, a local parish just south of Saint-Julien, near Saint-Laurent. Modern maps do not show this parish as it was abolished around the time of the Revolution, but by then viticulture was already firmly established here.

Caronne Ste Gemme has a long history and is first mentioned in local records as long ago as 1648. These records indicate that the land was let out to a farmer by its landlord, Denis De Mullet, in exchange for some of the wine produced. The modern history of Caronne Ste Gemme, however, begins in 1900 when the estate was purchased Emile and Eugène Borie. Eugène's descendants went on to own Château Batailley and then Château Ducru-Beaucaillou, whereas Emile's continued managing Caronne Ste Gemme, and still do so today. In recent years the estate has been managed by Emile's grandson Jean Nony, and by his nephew François. In 1999 François and his brother took over the running in its entirety, with the help of cellarmaster Bruno Guyomar and oenologist Olivier Dauga.