Collection: Castello di Romitorio

Tuscany, Italy

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Nestled atop a hill, gazing over the village, Castello di Romitorio stands as a beacon of history and artistic flair in the wine world. The remarkable wines produced here are a true reflection of Montalcino’s essence, earning widespread acclaim that positions the estate at the forefront of the region.

A perennial favourite among Brunello producers, Castello di Romitorio’s journey into our hearts was solidified when owner Filippo Chia engaged in a fireside chat during one of our Wine Therapy Sessions. We proudly showcase their diverse range, from accessible delights to the exquisite Brunello Riservas.

The story of Castello di Romitorio unfurled in 1984 when art patron Giorgio Franchetti swapped this enchanting property with contemporary artist Sandro Chia for his captivating paintings. Sandro Chia, a pioneer of Italy’s “Transavanguardia” Neo-Expressionist movement, transformed the castle into his studio and nurtured the surrounding vineyards with a fervent dedication.

In 2005, Sandro’s son Filippo joined the family enterprise as a new winery marked the beginning of a new chapter. Guided by winemaker Franco Martini’s expertise, the team embraced Sandro’s legacy, fusing innovation with tradition.

Castello di Romitorio’s labels are more than just labels; they are works of art, a testament to the estate’s creative soul. They echo the deep connection between wine and art, breathing life into the bottles.

At the core of Castello di Romitorio’s philosophy lies a profound respect for the land. With fifteen meticulously tended hectares on ferrous and magnesium-rich soils, the vineyards experience varying microclimates and elevations. From the slopes behind Montosoli Hill at 200 meters to parcels reaching 500 meters, each vineyard imparts a unique influence on the wines.

Harvest, commencing from late August to mid-October, reflects careful timing for optimal ripeness. The precious grapes destined for the Riserva, a rarity created only seven times in three decades, are diligently selected during this time.

The lineup offers something for everyone. Their entry-level Morellino di Scansano and Romitoro Syrah capture attention with their allure. Of course, the Brunelli are exceptional, with the mesmerizing Filo di Seta standing tall among the finest vintages.

For those seeking an extraordinary experience, Castello di Romitorio is a name of substance. Encompassing a rich history, an intimate connection to the land, and an unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional wines, the estate encapsulates the spirit of Montalcino.