Collection: Bodega Los Toneles

Mendoza, Argentina

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Bodega Los Toneles was founded by the Armando family in 1922 and its industrial revolution-inspired architecture today reflects its desire to find the perfect balance between technology and tradition. The winery was initially christened Armando Hermanos, but it soon became known as Bodega de los Toneles ("winery of the tuns"), due to the prominent, huge French oak barrels in which its precious wines were aged. Eighty years later, in 2002, the winery was purchased by the Millán family who revived its vintage spirit, combining it with a modern approach and with substantial investment to return the estate to its former glory.

Although the winery is one of the few actually located within the city of Mendoza, Bodega Toneles’ vineyards are scattered across different regions of the province. Despite the fact that Mendoza’s climate is quite desert-like, the snow melt that runs off the Andes supplies plenty of fresh water for irrigation and the large day to night temperature swing intensifies the aromas, the freshness and the colours of the grapes.

Bodega Toneles combines the best aspects of traditional techniques, such as hand harvesting the grapes at the moment of optimal ripeness, with the very latest technology and equipment at the winery.