Collection: Bird in Hand

Adelaide Hills, Australia

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Based in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia, the Bird in Hand Winery is built on the site of an old gold mine and immediately prior to its creation it was a fairly run down dairy farm. It's a relative newcomer in viticultural terms only being created in 1997 but in the short time since it's become something of an icon on the Australian if not the world wine map.

Winemaker Kym Milne joined the team back in 2003 but prior to that he had a glittering career in such wineries as Villa Maria in New Zealand and he was the second Australian ever to become a Master of Wine. You'd think with such a pedigree he'd have reason to be a bit far back, but none of it. Kym is a delightful man, charming and very easy to talk to and he's able to explain in every detail why and how he makes the wines in such an easy to understand way.

The wines are real gems too. Starting with the Two in the Bush range rising through the Bird in Hand wines to the Nest Egg offerings and finally the Tribute Mac Shiraz, a true icon of South Australia.

As you would expect from Adeliade Hills, Shiraz plays a major part in the range with Chardonnay dominating the white wine spectrum. At the estate there are some very successful wines created with Italian varieties such as Arneis and Nero d'Avola but we have limited ourselves for now to grape varieties that are more associated with the region.

These wines are really worthy of trying and they most certainly aren't in the over blown, over oaked and over here catagorie but they rather reflect finesse, elegance and purity. That's not to say that they lack power, far from it, but if all you want is a mouthful of fruit and oak, look elsewhere. If you want discretion and complexity, you've found your goal.